Mystery suitcase in the attic

Do you know this couple?
Do you know this couple?
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A SUITCASE full of photographs and other family memorabilia has been found hidden in a loft.

Mark Hill was clearing out the attic of his girlfriend’s house just before she moved and noticed a bulge in the loft insulation.

“There were some old newspapers scattered around and when I looked there was this old brown suitcase underneath,” he said.

Not really knowing what to do with it he brought it into the Mercury office for us to try and find the owner.

The property in question is in Windsor Close, Stamford and is owned by South Kesteven District Council.

The suitcase contains a large number of photographs, some of them in albums and dating back generations and obviously a very precious collection to the family that has lost them. Inside the lid of the case the name J Sixsmith and the date 1975 are written in black marker pen but most of the memorabilia seems to refer to families called Dawson and Woods. A collection of Merchant Navy wage slips is made out to Seaman M Woods of Lambeth Walk, Stamford in 1965 and names ships such as RMS Transvaal Castle and RMS Windsor Castle.

There are life assurance policies in the name of Georgina Woods and references to Shaun Ingomells, Fleet Recruitment, Glinton School and Johnni Dawson.

There is an invitation to the wedding of Christine Eversden and Paul Dawson in St John’s Church, Barnack on July 23 1983 and baptism certificates for Shaun Woods in 1973 and Nicola Woods in 1968 with godparents named as John Dawson and Allan Dawson.

There is sadly also a cutting from the Stamford Mercury of June 27, 1986 of an obituary report for Sydney Dawson and Milly Dawson who died in a car crash.

A letter says that after John Dawson’s death friends and neighbours wanted to spend £12 left over after paying for the wreath to buy a silver trophy to be awarded to the best all-round member of Barnack & District Youth Club ‘for which John worked so hard’.

There are hymn books and prayer books and a copy of the marriage service for Nicola and Mark at Greatford church on July 4, 1987.

Come on readers - there are so many clues here. We are publishing the photos we think most likely to be recognised. If they belong to you or you recognise any of the people please contact us here at the Mercury on 01780 762255 or e-mail