Researchers’ appeal

A man thought to have been Harry Briggs, from Thurlby
A man thought to have been Harry Briggs, from Thurlby
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A group of researchers hope to identify a man they believe fought in the First World War.

Mary Trumble, from Thurlby, and her fellow researchers found the above photo of a man who they believe to be Harry Briggs. He is pictured in his military uniform.

Mary said: “We believe the picture is of Harry Briggs and his family and would love to know if we are right.

“There is a small enthusiastic group in Thurlby who at the moment are researching the First and Second World War Memorial Roll. From this research we would eventually like to produce a memorial book of those brave men named on it.

“If anyone has any research on the names listed below, and their families, we would love to hear from you, even better are you a relative? Have you got any old photos?

“If anyone has memories or photos from family members about the village, between 1900 and 1920, we would love to put our research into the context of our village life.”

If you know the man pictured or have information for the group, call Mary on 01778 423500 or e-mail