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Punchtime Explosion
Punchtime Explosion
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Cartoons are great for the young and the old, it’s the one genre where there are no limitations on imagination and creativity. When I was a kid it was the likes of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Pop eye and Danger Mouse that ruled the airwaves.

Unfortunately I then grew up and there came a gap in my life until my son came along and rekindled my love for the wacky world of cartoons. I used to sit with him for hours watching such classics as Dexters Lab, Johnny Bravo and Sumria Jack

My son and I were pleasantly surprised to come across a copy of Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion XL developed by Crave Entertainment and Papaya Studios.

All our old favourites are here and the game play is very similar to the Super Smash Brothers games.

The game play is pretty straight forward and aimed at younger gamers, the violence is acceptable for younger players. Similar to Smash Brothers, when you strike an opponent a glowing orb falls out of them, collect enough to fill your power meter then unleash a “punch time explosion”.

You can play with up to 4 players on a multi-level, 2D stage. Preceding the fight sequences there is a small side scrolling platform section which involves a number of tasks and vanquishing of some rather odd looking enemies, all easy stuff as you would expect with basic controls and simple moves

You can team up with certain other characters to assist you with your battles which results in some very humorous explosive attacks.

There is an actual storyline to this game but I can’t imagine most kids will be bothered about it as it is very long and convoluted.

The graphics are very clean and bright and the characters are very accurate. Game play is easy and reasonably fluid, even though the button configuration isn’t what most gamers are used too.

Unfortunately the actual moves aren’t much to write about and the overall game play isn’t the best. Okay, it will probably entertain young gamers on a wet afternoon and for the price it is reasonable value but there just seems to be something lacking within this game whether it’s the choice of characters or the sometimes annoying game play.

It is one of those games that has a “marmite” kind of feel to it, either you love it or you hate it. I’m personally bored with it thanks to the frustrating controls and my son who remembers all these characters didn’t like the fact that you had to play a large portion of the game to unlock your favourite character. This game might be similar to SMASH BROTHERS but it isn’t in the same league which is a shame as it is another game that had potential but didn’t deliver.

I give Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion XL 5 out of 10

Cartoon Network Punchtime explosion Xl

Developer :Papaya Studios

Publisher : Crave Entertainment/deep Silver

Genre : Fighting

Xbox 360®

Playstation 3®

Wii ®

Nintendo 3DS®

Age rating : (varies)PG to 12

Release date : 18th May 2012