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Lincolnshire taxpayers pay £450k pothole compensation bill - and our repairs are the third cheapest

Taxpayers in Lincolnshire had to fork out more than £450k in compensation last year for damage caused to their cars by our pothole-ridden roads.

Figures show that the county spent £452,843 in pothole damage claims in 2019/20 alone - the fourth highest figure in the UK.

The council is also said to spend the third least per repair in the country - paying £27.33 per fix. Only Torbay and Rotherham pay less per repair.

Potholes are plaguing roads across the county.
Potholes are plaguing roads across the county.

The figures came to light after a Freedom of Information request by heycar.

Dan Powell, Senior Editor at heycar, said: “Potholes are such a familiar sight, and I’m sure everyone will have a top ‘worst road’ in their area that comes to mind when potholes are mentioned - but they’re much more than just an inconvenience.

“They’re causing real damage to people and their vehicles and the rate at which potholes are appearing is too fast for councils to keep up with. So even more claims will be coming, further reducing the funds available for road repairs.

“Driving should be a feelgood experience, especially after the restrictions of the past year. However, poorly maintained roads only lead to concern and frustration. The pothole crisis only appears to be getting worse, and more funds need to be allocated to help councils fill them quicker.”

The poor state of the roads is causing compensation claims.
The poor state of the roads is causing compensation claims.

Top ten council areas by pothole compensation:

Manchester £1,165,279

Derbyshire £500,965

Essex £472,164

Lincolnshire £452,843

Surrey £403,482

Lancashire £352,621

East Sussex £329,311

West Sussex £317,524

St Helens £225,625

Stoke £215,826

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