A year to remember

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Mercury reader Sue Reilly has sent in this poem about 2012. Here it is for you to enjoy.

As we welcome twenty-thirteen

So, what have we got to fear?

I imagine we’re all thinking

Let it be a drier year.

Well, last year flew (or floated) by

We all blamed the hosepipe ban

With so much to look forward to

Nothing ever goes to plan.

Our Queen’s diamond jubilee

A fine example she set

Still smiling under a brolly

And waving while she got wet.

We hardly saw any summer

Just the greatest show on earth

As we proudly watched the Olympians

Win medals for all they’re worth.

With places flooded without warning

And possessions spoiled or lost

Does insurance cover heartache

When they’re adding up the cost.

Lots of wildlife too, has suffered

Insects found nothing to eat

And I’ve come to the conclusion

That we could do with webbed feet!!

Sue Reilly

January 2013