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Adam Croft to release third book in Rutland crime series, In Cold Blood

A best-selling author is set to release the third book in his Rutland crime series.

The first and second books in Adam Croft’s Rutland-based series, On Borrowed Time and What Lies Beneath, were well-received by people in the area and further afield.

Adam has now given readers more information about the third novel, In Cold Blood, including a photo of the cover which features Harringworth Viaduct.

Adam Croft
Adam Croft

However, the author, who lives in Bedfordshire, is yet to announce an official release date as he wants to ensure independent retailers will be open.

“It’s been tricky. I would rather put it out sooner but my main priority was to make sure local retailers in and around Rutland and Stamford could make the most of it because they’ve been doing great with it.

“They have been inundated with people so I’m hoping to continue and support them rather than passing readers through to Amazon.”

Author Adam Croft. Photo: Rob Davis
Author Adam Croft. Photo: Rob Davis

Waiting a bit longer before releasing In Cold Blood has had some benefits for Adam.

The 34-year-old said: “It’s given me a bit me a bit of time to make the book better and make some tweaks.

“It gave space and distance between the release. It’s normally a bit, not rushed, but frantic.”

The series follows Rutland Police as they investigate crime.

The cover of Adam Croft's new book, In Cold Blood
The cover of Adam Croft's new book, In Cold Blood

Discussing the name of the book, Adam said: “For me the title only really came half way through writing the

“Like all of my titles it happens to mean something, then once you read the book it takes on a secondary meaning.”

Audiobooks of the series are also now available, which are narrated by the actor, Andy Nyman, who has starred in Peaky Blinders and Star Wars.

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