Albert’s book covers a lifetime of spiritual experiences

Albert Sains with his book Where Do We Go From Here?'Photo: MSMP130114-003js
Albert Sains with his book Where Do We Go From Here?'Photo: MSMP130114-003js
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A spiritualist medium has written a book in order to share his lifetime of experiences with others.

Where Do We Go From Here?, sub-titled The Spiritual Story of an Ordinary Someone, was written last spring by Albert Sains and published recently by Con-Psy Publications.

In it, Albert relates his spiritual experiences from childhood onwards, covers the philosophy and mechanics of spiritualism and includes an interlude section on meditation. Spiritualists believe that the human spirit never dies and “Spirit” interacts with us - especially if we are receptive to it.

Albert, 73, of The Croft, Bourne and formerly of Oakham, is a former mechanical engineer and architect who was prompted to write the book by a friend, an osteopath, who was worried and seeking an explanation for the heat emanating from his hands while dealing with patients – the well-recognised phenomenon of so-called “healing hands”

As an example of many fascinating stories in the book, Albert once noticed that a gold ring was missing from his finger.

As it had been too tight to remove he knew it couldn’t have just dropped off. He searched for it anyway but couldn’t find it.

Days later his father, a transfiguration medium, told him that the ring had been taken to prove Spirit’s existence to Albert and it would be returned at a later date.

Three months later, as he took some loose change from a pocket to pay for his lunch, there was the ring.

Albert intends the book to be thought-provoking.

He said: “This is not meant as an autobiography but rather a sketch of a very ordinary someone who has had the fortune to be able to recognise the influence of Spirit on his life’s path.

“There is nothing special in this, the incidents recalled will be very similar to 
those in anybody’s life, but as one begins to take note of and then to acknowledge 
these influences, so the input from Spirit increases and one’s spiritual outlook grows.”

Albert is hoping that his book will inspire people to seek a greater understanding of life.

The book, which was reviewed favourably in November’s Psychic World, is available for £7.99 and has an ISBN of 9781898680628.

It can be ordered from Albert directly by ringing 01778 426543.