Andrea Price is gym’s biggest loser

Personal trainer Ed Gladstone with winner Andrea Price
Personal trainer Ed Gladstone with winner Andrea Price
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EMPLOYEES from two supermarkets in Bourne have been going head to head to see who could loss the most amount of weight.

The “Biggest Loser” weight loss competition run by Universal Fitness Centre, in Cherry Holt Road, offered free gym membership, and specifically designed, supervised 12 week programmes to four employees from the Co-op, in The Burghley Centre and Sainsbury’s, in Exeter Street, to try and lose the biggest amount of weight.

The competition was won by Co-op worker Andrea Price, 45, who despite being older, and lighter than the other weight lose competitors at the start, managed to lose 27lb during the three month programme.

Also taking part were Dayle Lane, 20, from Co-op, who lost 4lbs and Darren Hamilton, 39, from Sainsbury’s, who lost 7 lb 8oz.

One person from Sainsbury’s had to withdraw.

Fitness manager Ed Gladstone said: “Andrea really asked for our advice, especially when it came to diet and she followed it to the letter.”

In total Andrea lost more than 26 inches from her hips, waist, chest, arms and necklosing six per cent of her body fat.

The competitors were advised to come into the gym two to four times a week to undertake sessions with the trainers at Universal Fitness, working on cardio, weights and power plate exercises.

Ed asked for workers from the two stores to compete to add a bit of extra spice to the competition but he discovered a real sense of camaraderie grew between the them.

Ed said: “They all just wanted everyone to do well because they all knew what each other were going through.”

Andrea’s prize for losing the most weight is six months free membership and each of the runners up were given two months free membership.

Ed said: “You don’t have to be Jessic Ennis to enjoy the gym it can be for everyone.”