Angel of the North for Ryhall... only fooling!

The 'Angel of Ryhall' statue.
The 'Angel of Ryhall' statue.
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Viewed from the right angle this impressive construction shows an ‘Angel of the North’ statue constrcuted in a field near Ryhall.

But the new artwork was an April Fool that left many villagers ‘smiling and shaking their heads’ around the village. Resident Martin Virgin, of St John’s Close, Ryhall, sent us this picture and claimed the hilarious statue was the work of a regular prankster.

The Angel of Ryhall followed a similar prank, staged by Martin, last year which saw the Loch Ness Monster appear in a field. The phantom statue-maker – who asked us to keep his identity secret – said: “We have to keep up the tradition of April1.

“I thought it would be good to have the Angel of the North come further south,” he said. “We have to keep up and I wanted to have something dramatic .

“It should stay up until at least the wekend - unless it gets a bit too windy of course.”

The ‘Angel of Ryhall’ is standing in a field off the A6121 between Ryhall and Belmesthorpe.