Anger as Spire Homes tenants are left without heating or hot water for a week

Christine and Harry Coleman are pictured with neighbour Margaret Jackson, right, in Lammas Close, Braunston
Christine and Harry Coleman are pictured with neighbour Margaret Jackson, right, in Lammas Close, Braunston
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Housing association tenants left without central heating or hot water for a week have spoken of their anger about the situation.

Five bungalows in Lammas Close, Braunston, owned by Spire Homes, have been affected by the problem since last Friday morning.

It is understood that a tank which stores oil used to power the heating system ran dry and there were problems filling it up.

It has been a difficult week for Margaret and Ron Jackson who have lived in their bungalow for around 10 years.

Ron,69, suffers from cardiac issues and uses a heart monitor which feeds data back to medical staff at Glenfield Hospital, near Leicester.

He said: “I’ve had six heart attacks and a heart bypass. The cold is not good for me and I’ve been feeling more unwell as the days have gone on.

“We’ve had to spend around £70 buying a couple of electric radiators to keep the place warm and are using a lot more electricity than usual to keep them running.”

Margaret, 65, added: “We’ve been on the phone to Spires Homes many times and have been rather disappointed by the responses. They’ve not done a very good job of keeping us informed about what is going on.

“We’ve had to fill the sink with water from the kettle to wash ourselves.”

Residents were exicted when an oil tanker arrived in Lammas Close on Wednesday morning – but much to their dismay it left without filling up the tank.

Margaret added: “The driver said he couldn’t do it because there was no gauge on the tank and no step ladder.

“We couldn’t believe it when he left.”

Christine, 77, and Harry Coleman, 80, said their home in Lammas Close is usually lovely and warm but the central heating failure had been causing major problems.

Christine said: “We have an electric fire, and spire provide a couple of small electric heaters, but I’ve been shivering with cold all week.

“It’s not a good time to be without heat and hot water. Most of us here have health issues – and waiting a week is too long.”

Lammas Close residents said there was a similar loss of heating and hot water last Easter – when again they had to wait a week for it to be sorted out.

Spire Homes said it would review procedures on oil-fuelled heating systems as a result of the latest problem.

In a statement sent to the Mercury on Thursday morning, a spokesperson said: “On Friday, January 27, Spire Homes was made aware that five of our properties were without heating.

“Unfortunately, this issue remains unresolved due to a delay in the delivery of the oil needed to replenish a communal tank that serves each property.

“The customers have been regularly updated and we have apologised to each of them for the inconvenience they have experienced.

“Temporary heating has been provided and the issue will be resolved by the end of the week.

“Following these issues, Spire Homes will thoroughly review existing procedures around the replenishment oil-fuelled heating systems.”