Areas of front lawns in Bourne are killed off

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Residents in parts of Bourne are up in arms after areas of their front lawns were killed off, leaving unsightly marks.

The damage affecting homes around Westbourne Park and Beech Road has also killed plants in people’s front gardens, according to locals.

They claim the mess has been caused by contactors carelessly spraying weedkiller on footpaths.

Several householders have taken to social media to complain about the mess.

One resident said the damage was especially bad in Westbourne Park, from West Road.

She said: “One resident there keeps his garden immaculate and his lawn is all dying. He must be so fed up.”

“Someone needs to be held accountable for this mess. I thought you had to have a certificate and have training to be able to use sprays, obviously someone didn’t know what they were doing.”

Some residents suggest the weedkiller has spread to lawns because the spraying was carried out on a windy day,

Others suggest the chemical could have been transferred to lawns by foot.

The work is thought to have been carried out at the beginning on this month, but is only now starting to take effect.

Another post said: “I cannot believe the carnage caused to people’s plants and lawns by whoever sprayed the weedkiller in the roads off Beech Avenue.

“In one case they have appeared to have walked on the edge of a lawn and left footprints of dead grass.”

One resident told social media: “We spotted a guy applying the chemical riding on a quad bike. He was only doing the verge between the road and path when we saw him. Having worked around the Beech Avenue, Cedar Drive area we were shocked to see the mess made of some people’s front lawns etc.”

Other complainants have cited damage in Pinewood Close, Torfrida Drive, Saxon Way, Broadlands Avenue, and Oak Crescent.

Concerned residents have alerted Bourne Town Council to the problem.

Clerk to the council Ian Sismey said: “The town council has also received numerous complaints with regard to the indiscriminate weed 
spraying that has taken place on the western side of the town.

“Approaches to both South Kesteven District Council and the county council show neither authority appears to be responsible.

“The town council remains extremely concerned about this issue as residents’ private land has been affected.

“If any resident has any useful information that may help identify the perpetrators then please contact the town council on 01778 426123 or e-mail”