Augean keen for a quick resolution over legal challenge to plans to dump radioactive waste at King’s Cliffe

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A WASTE management company is hoping a legal challenge against its plans to dump low level radioactive waste at a site in King’s Cliffe will be dealt with quickly.

Augean faces further opposition from residents of King’s Cliffe who are launching a legal challenge against the decision to allow radioactive waste to be treated and buried at the site in Stamford Road.

Planning permission was given by Secretary of State Eric Pickles after a lengthy planning battle and a public inquiry.

King’s Cliffe campaign group Waste Watchers has launched a judicial review, claiming Mr Pickles did not consider the company’s plans for the site as a whole when taking his decision.

Augean says it is ploughing ahead with preparations to receive the radioactive rubbish from October.

Technical director Gene Wilson said: “Augean is preparing the site for acceptance of low level waste in order to comply with the conditions set by the planning permission and the Environment Agency permit.

“We are continuing to engage with the decommissioning markets to set up waste movements and anticipate that low level waste will be accepted from the fourth quarter of the year and into 2012.

“Augean is applying to expedite the legal proceedings so this timetable is not delayed.”

In the meantime campaigners are calling on the public to help fund their legal challenge.

Louise Bowen-West, of Park Street, King’s Cliffe, said barrister Sasha Blackmore is working for free but money is needed to pay the solicitor who is advising her. The costs could be up to £30,000.

Mrs Bowen-West said: “We know people in Stamford, Oundle and Peterborough share our deep-seated concerns about the dumping of nuclear waste in the area and hope they will feel able to help us raise this fighting fund.

“It seems only fair that local people are able to have their voice heard in court on a level playing field with big business.”

Speaking about Augean’s preparations to accept radioactive waste, she added: “This legal challenge is all that is stopping it.”

Cheques made payable to Richard Buxton Solicitors can be sent to Maggie Scott, The Mill House, Mill Street, Duddington, PE9 3QG.