Australian road to be named Kendrew Street after Major-General Douglas Kendrew

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A former Uppingham School pupil has had a street in Australia named after him.

Major-General Douglas Kendrew, who died in 1989, was the last Colonel of The Royal Leicestershire Regiment. In 2012 when the Army moved to the former RAF Cottesmore base, it was renamed Kendrew Barracks.

Now the Commonwealth Government of Australia is to name a street after the general - 40 years after his term as Governor of Western Australia ended in 1974. Currently a car park, while the construction of a mixed-use precinct to create the new roads is underway, Kendrew Street is in Canberra’s suburb of Barton and will be ready by mid-2015.

The General’s daughter Marcia Abel Smith, from Nottingham, said, “How honoured and thrilled we are on behalf of our father.”