Bag-packing scouts from Bourne raise nearly £2,000 for charity

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A SCOUT group has raised nearly £2,000 at two charity bag-packing events.

More than 40 youngsters from 1st Bourne Scouts and their leaders were at Sainsbury’s in Exeter Street, Bourne, on Saturday, December 18, and again on Christmas Eve helping customers pack their festive shopping.

The two events combined raised more than £1,900. More than half of that - £1,000 - will be given out to charities across Bourne, which have not yet been chosen.

The remaining £900 will be used to subsidise the children’s annual trip to Stamcamp, a camping event at Burghley House in Stamford.

Chairman of the 1st Bourne Scouts Greg Cejer said: “It was a very good amount to raise particularly in the run-up to Christmas and we would like to thank the people of Bourne for their generosity.”