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Climate Action Group discusses climate change and United Nations Climate Change Conference

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By Deanna Donovan from the Climate Action Group

It’s here. It’s now. Are you ready?

The international climate conference in Glasgow in November emphatically confirmed that effects of climate change are already widely felt.

Moreover, according to scientists, all trends indicate the conditions forcing climate change continue virtually unaltered, despite the economic slowdown due to covid.

Bamboo blinds can be a simple way to block the sun from south-facing windows and thus keeping your home cooler during summer heat waves
Bamboo blinds can be a simple way to block the sun from south-facing windows and thus keeping your home cooler during summer heat waves

The ambitious pledges and promises made by delegates in Glasgow, undoubtedly well-intentioned, will be difficult to realise.

Practically what will climate change mean locally? Very likely the intensification of the past year’s experience: erratic weather including drought, floods, heat waves, extreme storms, including high winds, heavy downpours, and possibly more ‘beasts from the east’.

With this weather comes physical disruption to transport, utilities, food production and daily life - access to school, work, shops, extended family and friends.

Deanna Donovan
Deanna Donovan

Given global connectivity, the repercussions of conflict over resources, extreme weather, emigration and humanitarian emergencies worldwide will also affect us economically and politically.

One of the most notable achievements of the Glasgow conference has been the rise up the agenda of adaptation.

While the need for the reduction of greenhouse gasses is as critical as ever, it is now recognised that adaptation, or adjustment to actual or expected climate and its effects, is urgently needed.

In addition to enhancing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, the two things everyone really must do are: get your family prepared for the climate effects to come (e.g. for a flood www.gov.uk/government/publications/personal-flood-plan) and press local authorities to act now to plan and prepare for the inevitable disruption.

Individually, corporately or communally, risk assessment must be prioritised so that recognisably scarce resources can be efficiently, effectively and equitably applied to adaptation.

All our programmes and projects must be climate resilient.

If ever there was a need to think globally and act locally, the time is now.

Are you ready?

If you too are concerned about climate change, please do join us at the next Climate Action Group meeting, a virtual event which is open to all.

You can join by contacting the Stamford town clerk by email: townclerk@stamfordtowncouncil.gov.uk who can provide more information and a link.

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