Beekeeper Nigel’s family search for two good Samaritans

Nigel Kettle EMN-140108-110026001
Nigel Kettle EMN-140108-110026001
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The family of a beekeeper are trying to track down two women who stopped to help after he fell and broke his knee.

Nigel Kettle, 91, was tending to his hives in Waterfurlong, Stamford, on Monday last week when he tripped and fell, fracturing a bone in his knee.

Mr Kettle cried out for help and two women walking by rushed to his aid, calling 999 and staying with him until an air ambulance arrived.

Mr Kettle, of Fox Dale, was flown to Peterborough City Hospital where he underwent keyhole surgery. He is now recovering and hopes to be home soon, but his family want to find the two good Samaritans.

Daughter Anthea, who flew to Stamford from her home in Strasbourg this week, said: “They went beyond the call of duty. They stayed with him for a couple of hours, while getting stung by bees. They didn’t even know him.

“It was quite amazing. We are extremely grateful to them.”

According to his daughter Mr Kettle has been keeping bees for “something like 80 years”. His uncle was a professional beekeeper and Mr Kettle took on the Waterfurlong hives from his father.

Ms Kettle said her father was keen to return to his bees, which he keeps for their honey, although he may have to cut down on the number of hives he owns. She was keen to stress that reports in last week’s Mercury that Mr Kettle was stung by his bees, based on information supplied by the East Anglian Air Ambulance, were incorrect.

Ms Kettle said her father preferred not to wear protective clothing as it limited how gently he could handle his bees, but had not been stung before his fall.

Mr Kettle, a lifelong Stamford resident, is an honourary life member of Stamford Indoor Bowls Club, based in Exeter Gardens. Club member Bob Warters visited Mr Kettle in hospital on Sunday and said he was keen to return to the rink.

Mr Warters said: “I don’t know how long he will be in hospital but he was sitting up in his bed. He’s as right as rain, as anyone could be at 91 years old. He’s an amazing character.

“He said he would be bowling in about three weeks. I don’t have any doubt that he will be up and about before too long.”

Mr Warters said: “He never ceases to amaze us. During the winter he bowls every day.”

If you were one of the two women who helped Mr Kettle, contact us on 01780 758951 or