Bees swarm stops pedestrians using street in Bourne

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A swarm of bees caused police to divert parents walking to pick up their children from a school in Bourne.

At about 3pm yesterday (Monday) Abbey Road in Bourne was temporarily blocked by a swarm of bees.

Michelle Gibson, 29, of Tarragon Way, Bourne, came across the swarm when she was walking to the pick up her son from the school.

Mrs Gibson said: “It was quite amazing but scary.

“We could see from a distance what looked like a fly swarm then as we got closer we saw it was a swarm of wasps or bees.

“We went to walk down Nowells Lane but realised we could not as the whole road was covered by a huge swarm.

“So we collected the kids from the rear entrance of Bourne Abbey instead. Then on the way back we saw two PCSOs had come to divert parents. It must have been a disturbed nest but it was huge.

“It was quite surreal. It was just a really unusual thing to see.

“We even saw one person attempt to run through the swarm.”

Mrs Gibson said she saw the swarm near the lollipop crossing.

A spokesman for Bourne Abbey Primary Academy said the swarm did not come into the school.

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*In an earlier version of this story we published that it was a swarm of wasps but we have been given information from The British Beekeepers Association which states that wasps do not swarm so the insects in question must be bees.