Bobby Bear on the school beat

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A BIG brown bear has been visiting children to teach them all about the police and what they do.

Bourne and Billingborough Neighbourhood Policing Team has launched a new educational scheme in schools which involves friendly Bobby Bear.

The team and Bobby Bear have started the Lessons in Pride project, which provides teachers with a framework to deliver lessons on personal and internet safety, stranger danger, diversity and valuing people.

Police community support officer Eamonn Mclean is a great believer in the scheme and said: “This is an ideal opportunity for younger children to meet police in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.”

The overriding theme of the project is to get youngsters to respect each other and to learn the value of being part of a community.

Officer Mclean said Bobby Bear will be used to promote this, by using him as a learning tool for children aged between four and seven who are in Key Stage 1.

He said: “By having a cuddly lovable police bear, it is hoped that the children will learn to trust and understand the police, what they do and what they stand for.”

Bobby Bear visited children at Billingborough Primary School on Wednesday, Bourne Westfield Primary School yesterday, and he is going to Morton Primary School and Bourne Abbey Primary Academy today.

Officer Mclean said there will be lots of interesting lessons for the children to learn in the coming weeks.

He said: “These will help the children understand poignant issues like risk taking, safe places to play, people they can trust, internet safety, respecting property, road safety, fire safety, water safety, classroom respect and general respect in the community.”

As well as the lessons, each school in Lincolnshire will be given its own Bobby Bear for the children to take home as a reward for displaying respect or contributing to their local community.

And the children will write Bobby’s adventures in his police-style pocket notebook.

Police community support officer Graeme Parrott is also positive about the scheme.

He said one of the key aims of the project is developing strong partnerships between neighbourhood policing teams and schools.

Officer Parrott added: “The pride in Lessons in Pride stands for personal safety, respect and citizenship, it’s good to be me, diversity and every child matters.”