Book idea finally comes to fruition

Dylan Dronfield
Dylan Dronfield
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A former Stamford School pupil has just had his first novel published and is thrilled with the positive feedback and reviews.

Saturday Night Jack by Dylan Dronfield is a crime thriller set in Newcastle where the author was at university, combining studying for an English degree with working for local newspaper The Chronicle.

It was during his student days that the idea for the book came about - although it has taken a further 14 years for him to finish it and achieve his goal of seeing it in print.

The book’s fast-paced plot centres around two main characters - a local newspaper crime reporter and the detective leading an investigation into the murder of three young women on successive Saturday nights. As the next weekend approaches, there is a media frenzy in the city.

Dylan is now a senior news editor at Sky News and lives in London with his wife and their two young children. They are planning to move back to the Stamford area later this year.

Saturday Night Jack has several online five-star reviews. It is available as an e-book for 99p and as a 288-page paperback for £8.99 from online websites. Dylan also has a blog.