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Flt Lt Jon Egging
Flt Lt Jon Egging
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TRIBUTES have been paid to former RAF pilot Flt Lt Jon Egging, 33, of Morcott, who died while flying with the Red Arrows on Saturday.

Flt Lt Egging died when the Hawk T1 Red 4 aircraft crashed about 1km south east of Bournemouth Airport at 1.50pm on Saturday.

It was one of nine Red Arrows aircraft that had earlier taken part in a display at Bournemouth Air Festival over the seafront.

The Red Arrows team has now been grounded while investigators look into the cause of the crash.


I would like to offer my sincere condolences for the loss of the Red Arrows Pilot both my parants were serving RAF Medical Personnel during WWII and their is special place in my heart for the whole service.

All the very best wishes and hope for you all in the future.

And keep flying.

Paul Spence

Although I never met Ft Lt Jon Egging I was devastated that he died after obviously another wonderful display of the Red Arrows Team.

He sounded a very talented and lovely man. My heart and prayers go out to his widow Emma, family and friends, and team mates, god bless you all X

The Red Arrows make me feel proud to be British. I have seen them display 3 times this year and I was so desperately sad to hear about Jon’s death at the weekend. I am still in disbelief. My thoughts are with the rest of the Reds and Jon’s wife and family. Jon will never be forgotten and his memory will continue with every display the Reds perform. Keep flying.

J Barnes

My family and I were shocked to hear of the loss of Flt Lt Jon Egging of the Red Arrows, death on Saturday 20th August. We have been so fortunate to see the Red Arrows and their spectacular air displays several times during Airbourne in Eastbourne and feel truly blessed to have experienced something so special. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. The Red Arrows brought us so much joy and are a British institution, Flt Lt Jon Egging, you will never be forgotten nor will your contribution to the lives of many.

Gerard, Maryann & Hannah B Foley

Southern Ireland

It is difficult to find the right words to express how we feel but our memory is of a young hero, and a very brave young man. Our thoughts are with his young wife and his family at this very sad time.

Sue and John Dyer


Condolences to Jon’s family and close friends from the 240 members of The Gliding Centre. It’s a sad story and a great loss. He achieved to attain a position that many aviators as school boys and girls, and as men and women, could only ever dream of. RIP Jon Egging.

Adam Gilmore, Chairman of The Gliding Centre, Husbands Bosworth Airfield.

I write this with a very heavy heart knowing that this talented young man has given his life doing what he loved.

Although I never met him, I am devastated.

I was in RAF Akrotiri last year and witnessed the professionalism of the whole team whilst practising in the skies of Cyprus.

I was recently privileged to see the team in action at RAF Marham 10 days ago and yet again a cold shiver went down my spine whilst I witnessed their flying prowess.

My thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues and I hope that the Red Arrows will continue in tribute to John – God bless you.

Peter Lord

Please pass my sincere condolences to Flt Lt Egging’s wife and family on this very tragic day.

I have enjoyed the reds for many years and his loss wil be felt throughout the red and blue community.

It would be a fitting tribute to have a flypast with his slot missing at his funeral.

Dean Sergeant

We would like to send our thoughts and prayers to Jon’s family and friends at their tragic loss.

From Samantha Parker, Cpl Richard Parker (RAF Marham) and son, Connor Parker

What a lovely, smiling young man. He was so skilled and so brave to stay with his plane. Very sad. God bless him and his wife and family.

Diana Read

I would hate to think how the family friends and work colleagues are feeling right now.

His heart is with you all and keep your heads high thinking he was doing what he loves most. You should all be so proud of him and not enough support ever goes out to those who stand for us out in Afghanistan. I hold my head high for them and my hand on my heart for Jon Egging.

Such a tragic waste of a young life and a very talented Pilot, only the best make the Red Arrows. God bless and RIP, thoughts with Jon’s family, friends and fellow Red Arrows team mates.

Kara longden & Flt Lt Keith Considine

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