Bourne Grammar trio plan trip to help Romanian orphans

Kayleigh Goodman, Alison Stainsby and Laura Davis, who are flying to Romania to help disadvantaged children in August
Kayleigh Goodman, Alison Stainsby and Laura Davis, who are flying to Romania to help disadvantaged children in August
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MOST A-level students’ summer plans involve relaxing and waiting for exam results.

But Bourne Grammar School sixthformers Alison Stainsby, Laura Davis, and Kayleigh Goodman, all 18, are preparing for a trip to Romania to work with disadvantaged children.

The trio will fly out to the eastern European country on August 22 in a repeat of a journey they made last summer.

They are working with LIMXpo, an organisation that helps children and young people in Romania and India.

Last year the three girls raised £600 to buy supplies and gifts for the children they visited, but they have almost trebled that total this year through fundraising events and with the help of their school.

They will be joined this year by friend Emily Reeson, 18.

Alison, of Glen Crescent, Essendine, said: “We have done quite a lot of fundraising since October and have got about £1,500 so far.

“We did a Sunday bag pack at Tesco in Bourne which raised £500, and a non-uniform day at our school raised about £800.

“We have just finished exams so we have had to switch off from fundraising for a few weeks, but now they are over we can get started again.

“We are just raising as much as possible so we are able to buy medical supplies and toys before we go, and things like nappies when we are there.

“We are really grateful to everyone who has supported us so far.”

Last year Alison was stunned by the poverty she saw. The children she met were living in houses with missing walls, with rubbish on the floor and livestock roaming the streets.

Speaking soon after she returned, she said: “Before we went out we were told there would be one child that we would really bond with, and that happened to all of us.

“I met a young Romany girl called Salomea. I visited her family four times and the first time I saw Salomea she didn’t say a word. She just sat in my lap holding me.”

Romanies are often seen as second class citizens in Romania. Romany marriages are not necessarily recognised by Romanian law but it is very unusual for a couple to separate. This happened to Salomea though, leaving her in desperate conditions.

Alison added: “Salomea’’s family was living with a relative in a tiny, run down shack.

“When I visited them for the last time Salomea ran up to me and was babbling away. She was so chatty. The difference was unbelievable.”

The three girls have been looking forward to this year’s trip for a long time.

If you would like to help the girls, call Alison on 01780 751711.