Bourne Leisure Centre pool reopens after 10 days

Bourne Leisure Centre
Bourne Leisure Centre
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A swimming pool has reopened after it was forced to close for more than a week.

The pool at Bourne Leisure Centre reopened on Thursday after being shut since Tuesday last week when sand was accidentally deposited in the pool.

Leisure Connection, which runs the centre in Queen’s Road, said an issue with a routine maintenance procedure led to a large amount of sand being deposited in the swimming pool from the filters.

Leisure Connection, South Kesteven District Council and contractors have been still working fix the problem.

The disruption came during Lincolnshire schools’ half-term week, which normally increases the number of pool visits to about 2,000.

Head of community assets at South Kesteven District Council, Paul Stokes, apologised for any inconvenience caused by the pool closure. Mr Stokes said: “Naturally we are disappointed that the pool has had to be closed at all, but once problems were discovered we had to be sure that everything was 100 per cent safe before we could consider re-opening.”

The problem at the pool was discovered during routine maintenance on the filters which contractors had assured the council would not interfere with the operation of the facility.

Mr Stokes said: “When a filter was removed there was a discharge of grit from within the pipework – known as sand, but nothing to do with beach sand – and this was repeated when other filters were checked.”