Bourne residents angry over parking mayhem

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ANGRY residents have hit out at schoolchildren who keep parking down their street.

Teenagers at Bourne Grammar School are still parking on the Austerby and Austerby Close even though Tesco has handed out 20 permits to some of the Year 13s to park at its store, in Cherry Holt Road, Bourne, during term-time as part of a new scheme to alleviate the problem.

Frustrated Samantha Bullen, 35, of Austerby, is at her wits end and wants to know why 39 youngsters had parked their cars down the street on Monday this week.

She said: “On Monday I had my family shopping to do. When I arrived at Tesco I did not recognise any of the cars that were there.

“This I would have expected knowing that Tesco has graciously allowed 20 parking spaces for Bourne Grammar School students to access by parking pass.

“Upon arriving at home, I could not park at or near my house, I had to park nine doors away and it took me over 30 minutes to carry my shopping from my car to my house in four trips.

“Three of us attended a governors meeting on Wednesday evening and Mr Maddox did hold his hand up and say there was an issue there.

“I am just fed up with all of this.”

Driving instructor Samantha, who has lived in Austerby with her partner Richard, 30, and two children for five years, said the teenagers are causing obstructions in the road for other drivers, preventing them from travelling down the road safely.

She added: “When you are coming up the road there are cars parked on both sides of the road.

“When you want to drive up there, you can’t see if there’s another motorist at the other end wanting to drive down as well. There have been so many near misses and delivery lorries also struggle to get down here.

“We are willing to work with the school to resolve this. The kids need to respect that people live down here.”

Retired Ronnie Campbell, 66, lives in Austerby Close and he is also very angry about the ongoing problem.

He has lived in his home with wife Irene for four years and said: “The kids just don’t care where they park and the school doesn’t seem to care.

“If we have got someone coming to our house like a plumber or gas man, they have to park away from the house which means the job takes longer.

“Visitors also can’t find a space to park in if they come to see us.”

Resident Lon Bull, 60, also lives in Austerby Close. He added: “It is just a complete and utter nightmare.”

Headteacher Jonathan Maddox said he cannot provide an immediate solution to the problem.

He said: “On Wednesday evening three residents of Austerby were invited to attend part of a meeting of the school’s full governing body.

“While it was recognised that no practicable, immediate solution exists, the residents were assured of the school’s commitment to work with them to improve the matters of concern to them.

“The fact that I cannot provide an immediate solution does not mean that the school does not care.

“As a first step, residents will have the opportunity - requested by one of them - to speak to the students who drive to school at a special assembly.”

Police officer Nick Smith came up with the permit scheme for the pupils early last month.

He said the schoolchildren are doing nothing illegal and added: “I have been down there so many times. I don’t believe the kids are causing an obstruction, but more of an inconvenience.

“I am hoping the school can talk to the kids and get through to them about this parking issue.”