Bourne skatepark may still happen - it’s up to you

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BOURNE could still be in line to get a skatepark – but only if people say they want it.

The Dimension Skatepark Committee, which has been trying to get a skatepark built in Bourne for many years, dropped plans in May last year when a last ditch appeal for land failed.

Now Nelly Jacobs, who is a member of the committee and the town clerk for Bourne, has had a promising offer of some land for a new skatepark.

But she says the interest shown by people in the community seems to have died down and the committee has lost members.

Now she wants to pursue the offer of land only if people are interested in helping.

Nelly said: “We need to find out if there is still an interest in people having a skatepark and helping us with it because if the interest is not there, there is no point.

“This opportunity to try to get some land could be a realistic opportunity to push forward with a skatepark and finally get it built.”

Before dropping the plans, the committee had written to every developer in the town to try to secure a plot. But Nelly was then contacted out of the blue with the potential offer of land which would be available on a long-term lease if planning permission could be obtained.

Nelly wants more people to join the committee or help with fundraising.

She added: “We need people who are willing to come on board to help with planning applications and fundraising. I think we need some new blood to revive this project because the current committee is so depleted. Really there are only still three active members.

“A few months ago we had some youths approach us about a skatepark but we need people to help.” The committee only has £2,500 left in the kitty, which has not yet been distributed to good causes. The other money that was raised for the committee has been returned to the organisations which donated it.

The committee had approached a range of organisations for money but was told it could apply for grants once it had a lease agreement, which the committee could never secure.

Nelly has put together questionnaires asking people if they would use a skatepark and whether they would be willing to join the committee.

She wants as many people as possible to respond so she can find out the interests.

Questionnaires are available in The Local office in West Street, Bourne, or by filling in the coupon or e-mailing for a copy of the questionnaire.