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Coronavirus: Stamford Indoor Bowls Club players advised to stop shaking hands or giving 'high fives' at matches

Bowls players are being advised to stop shaking hands and ‘high fiving’ at matches to help prevent the spread of coronavirus and other infections.

The management at Stamford Indoor Club believes ending unnecessary contact is a positive reaction to concerns about the flu-like infection.

The club issued the notices while offering advice to members that they should wash their hands regularly and take advantage of the hand sanitisers that have been provided around the premises.

Bowlers are used to shaking hands before and after matches
Bowlers are used to shaking hands before and after matches

Club spokesman Bob Warters, who is also a member of the management committee, said: “As a sportingly competitive organisation the club is aware that bowlers regularly shake hands as a form of greeting before a match and in commiseration and congratulation at the end of it.

“High fives are also a regular feature, when a particularly good bowl has been delivered, much as they are in many team sports.

“However, bowlers are being asked to refrain from this activity as a precaution to help avoid the spread of disease."

Notices are being placed around the club encouraging members to cover their mouth and nose with a tissue when they cough and sneeze and bin it immediately, wash hands with soap and water regularly and use the sanitiser gel dispensers.

They also urge people to avoid close contact with those who are unwell, and to avoid touching the face with unwashed hands.

Other indoor bowls clubs in the county are expected to follow a similar policy in a joint effort to reduce infection.

For more information on preventing the spread of coronavirus visit the NHS website.

What are you doing to help prevent the spread of coronavirus at work or in the community? E-mail smeditor@stamfordmercury.co.uk

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