Brave Beau gets wheelchair boost

Beau McCarthy
Beau McCarthy
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The family of a youngster who was left severely ill after contracting meningitis say their lives will be improved immeasurably after a charity donated a special buggy.

Two-year-old Beau McCarty became critically ill with Group B Streptococcal Meningitis and Septicaemia when he was just three-weeks-old.

As a result he has been left partially sighted and has global development delay, which reduces a child’s development of speech, language, processing, social, emotional and motor skills such as sitting up, rolling over, and handling objects.

As a result his parents have found it increasingly difficult to lead a normal family life, struggling to do the simplest of everyday things, such as popping to the shop.

But now thanks to Caudwell Children, a charity which supports disabled children, the family has been provided with a special needs tandem buggy to give them more freedom. The charity supported the £1,305 cost of the buggy, which can carry Beau and his younger brother.

As Beau’s mother, Kate, of Colsterworth, explains: “Beau had become too big for commercially available pushchairs and it was impossible to carry him everywhere. My husband works very long hours, as a HGV Driver, and without his assistance I was finding it increasingly difficult to get out of the house.”

Beau’s condition means that he requires regular eye and hospital appointments.

The only way that Kate has been able to attend the meetings has been to leave her other son Dexter, seven months, with his grandmother but this has been far from ideal.

Kate said the donation had helped enormously.

She said: “It’s given us the ability to take the children for walks, it’s allowed us to visit the zoo, and it’s enabled me to make medical appointments on time, with both children!

“Importantly it will also allow Dexter to grow up as a normal little boy. He needs to be able to experience the outdoor environment like any other child. Seeing him trapped, indoors, has been heartbreaking.”