Bride’s fairytale ride on Georgian Festival horse and carriage

Vicky and Luke Clapton who got married during the Stamford Georgian Festival
Vicky and Luke Clapton who got married during the Stamford Georgian Festival
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A bride was delighted to become part of the Stamford Georgian Festival on Saturday when organisers offered her a horse and carriage ride to the church.

Vicky Jeffries had feared she would be late for her big day at St George’s Church when the wedding car got stuck in traffic as thousands of people filled the town centre for the festival.

When the car did turn up, it whizzed her into town and because relatives had raised their concerns with festival organisers South Kesteven Disitrict Council, it offered the use of a horse-drawn carriage which was giving rides to festival goers.

Vicky, and father David Burwell, enjoyed a few minutes in the carriage before arriving at St George’s where she married her groom Luke Clapton.

Following the wedding, the happy couple drew cheers and applause from the crowds watching the Bull Run as they cut through the procession in High Street.

Vicky and Luke, who are parents to 16-week-old son William and live in Stamford, said they were delighted to get married on such a fantastic day for the town.

She said: “I was a bit worried about the wedding car and one of my relatives got in touch with the district council. I never expected them to give me a horse and carriage ride. I felt like a princess. I’d like to say a huge thank you to them.”

Of the Bull Run, Vicky added: “It was a bit strange to have so many people looking at us as we walked through town but overall it was a great day.”

The district council’s head of community assets Paul Stokes, who organised the horse and carriage ride for Vicky, said: “We were delighted to help and it was one of those moments when you realise what a difference you can make to someone’s day.”

The couple are now enjoying a honeymoon in Great Yarmouth.