Advert campaign puts butcher a cut above the rest

Morrisons butcher Paul Selby is in a national advertising campaign
Morrisons butcher Paul Selby is in a national advertising campaign
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A supermarket butcher has been enjoying a slice of local fame after appearing in a national newspaper advertising campaign.

Paul Selby, 53, was carrying out his day job behind the butcher’s counter at Morrisons in Uffington Road, Stamford, when he was approached by a company director about being part of an advert.

Paul agreed to have his photo taken and has appeared in numerous national newspapers promoting British meat, Morrisons and the Stamford store.

Paul, of Chestnut Way, Market Deeping, has been recognised by plenty of customers since the campaign began. He said: “It’s good for the store and good for the area.

“A lot of people have come up to me and said they saw me in the paper. It has definitely been good for trade.

“People have recognised me as a butcher, not just someone they take a photo of and stick in the paper.”

Paul has been working as a butcher his whole life. His father and grandfather were butchers and his son is too, so he is pleased to see Morrisons promoting the value of good quality meat.

He added: “We sell dry aged beef now, all sourced from local butchers like Pode Farm in Peterborough.

“Our meat is 100 per cent traceable, right back to the farmer’s gate.

“We break everything down in store, cut it and slice it. We butcher it all ourselves.

“It’s all British meat as well, which is really good.”