Cafe told to remove canopy

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A CAFE has been told it will be issued with an enforcement notice and could face a £1,000 fine if it does not remove its canopy.

Cafe Black in High Street, Stamford, was refused planning permission for the canopy by South Kesteven District Council at the beginning of last month because the building is Grade II listed.

Despite not putting up the canopy, which is attached to the front of the building, the owners Hannah Darby and Jim Harding have refused to take it down.

Hannah said: “Jim and I have been battling with the council since September 2009 about this matter.

“When we closed the cafe last May, the district councillors said that they would help support us as a local independent business. However, Jim and I feel that we have not had their support over the issues of the canopy, and instead of the councillors fighting on behalf of the cafe and our customers, they have supported the planning committee with the refusal of the canopy.”

Despite having the right to appeal the decision, Hannah says they have decided not to fight because she feels there is no point . She said: “Everything that we submit is refused!”

A spokesman for the district council said: “Efforts were made to negotiate and advise the applicant on a more appropriate design for the canopy to suit a Grade II listed building.

“The applicants were given time to submit an alternative scheme based on the advice.

“Full details of the committee report are available on the South Kesteven District Council website.

“These include the comments from Stamford Town Council, the historic buildings advisor, the highway authority, Stamford Civic Society and English Heritage.”