Concern traffic for new Baston tip could endanger children

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RESIDENTS are concerned an increase in traffic from a planned tip could endanger children.

Lincolnshire County Council granted PMK Recycling permission to build a household waste recycling centre in Baston Outgang Road at a meeting on Tuesday.

Councillors approved the plans on the condition that the developer provides new road signs so vehicles avoid Main Street and access the tip via Cross Road, a routing agreement for lorries, a speed reduction sign that activates according to vehicle’s speed and £40,000 towards future highway maintenance of the road.

The new tip will be built on the site of the firm’s existing waste sorting facility.

It will be able to take up to 28 cars queuing within the site to the off-loading lane and would incorporate a bypass lane to let traffic flow freely.

The tip would employ six people and would be built right next to the sorting facility. Waste would be transferred directly from the tip to the sorting centre.

The news will come as a boost to Bourne residents after the county council decided to cut the opening hours of the tip in Spalding Road, Bourne.

The tip, which is owned and run for the council by Bullimores Sand and Gravel Limited, was previously open from 8am to 4pm seven days a week.

But last month the council agreed to cut the hours down to just four days a week, from 9am to 4pm Friday to Monday.

The council announced in January that it did not have the funds available to build a tip in Stamford.

Some Baston residents are concerned the increased traffic to the new tip could put children in danger.

David Hinks, of Main Street, said: “I don’t understand the road signs condition. Most of the use will come from Bourne residents when the Bullimore’s tip is closed during the week.

“People who know the roads are not going to follow the signs all the way to the Deepings (to reach Cross Road).

“It’s something like five and a half miles each way from Baston to the Deepings and no-one is going to do that when they know the road layout.

“There will be times when traffic is very busy and that is putting children at risk.”

Owner and manager of PMK Recycling, Roy Pumper, was unavailable to comment on the plans.