Council imposes conditions on licence at The William Cecil hotel after noise complaints

The William Cecil in High Street St Martin's, Stamford
The William Cecil in High Street St Martin's, Stamford
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Update: South Kesteven District Council has agreed to modify the premises licence at The William Cecil Hotel in Stamford following complaints about noise from a marquee on the site.

At a meeting of the alcohol, entertainment and late-night refreshment licensing committee this morning, councillors voted in favour of adding conditions to the firm’s licence including ensuring a sound barrier is installed; a smoking area is moved away from the marquee and a supervisor is in the marquee during functions.

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A hotel will have its alcohol and entertainment licence reviewed after complaints about noise from late-night marquee events.

South Kesteven District Council’s alcohol, entertainment and late-night refreshment licensing committee will discuss The William Cecil’s premises licence at a meeting on Friday.

The hotel, in High Street St Martin’s, Stamford, has been the subject of 15 complaints from residents of Burghley Lane, including boarders and staff at Stamford High School’s Park House.

The complaints relate to noise from parties held in a marquee in the hotel grounds, 33ft away from the boarding house.

Stamford Endowed Schools principal Stephen Roberts said he appreciated the effort hotel management had put in to reduce the noise, which included installing a £20,000 sound system to direct music away from neighbours.

But he said noise disturbance was unavoidable with the marquee in its current position.

Mr Roberts added: “However hard they try, the one thing you can’t stop is people in the marquee having a good time and making noise.”

A marquee has been on the site since 1984 but Mr Roberts said late-night events had become more frequent since it was reaplaced with a new structure in June 2011.

Since then the district council’s environmental health team has received 15 noise complaints, either from the boarding house or Burghley Lane residents.

Mr Roberts added: “It is predominantly Friday or Saturday, although there was an event earlier this year on a Sunday night. There was a significant exam the next day and the girls waiting to take the exam were not able to get to sleep.”

Neither the old marquee or the new one have ever been granted planning permission. The district council refused a retrospective application for the current marquee because of the impact it had on neighbours. The hotel appealed this decision and the appeal will be heard by a planning inspector later this year.

Friday’s meeting will not focus on planning permission but will look solely at the hotel’s premises licence.

Councillors have six options. They can choose to modify the conditions of the licence, exclude an activity from it, remove the premises supervisor, suspend the licence for up to three months, revoke it, or take no action.

Hotel management declined to comment until after the review.

Mr Roberts said he accepted that the marquee was a big part of The William Cecil’s business plan. But he added: “Perhaps by moving the marquee we could deal with the issue.”