Dairy cow Lady Shamrock painted with QR code at Somerby farm

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A DAIRY cow has been painted with a QR code to direct visitors with smartphones to a website about life on the farm.

The experiment is being carried out by Jane Barnes at the farm she runs with husband Mark in Somerby with a cow called Lady Shamrock.

Jane said: “We run a lot of farm visits and we’re always keen to try new things to help people get close to the cows and see first-hand what dairy farming is about.”

The code should send people to the website www.thisisdairyfarming.com which is run by DairyCo.

Jane said: “Shamrock didn’t seem to mind us spraying the code on her at all – in fact she lapped up the special attention.”

The paint is safe for animals and can be brushed off at the end of the day.