Delayed solar farm finally due to be built

The first panels were installed in August, 2011
The first panels were installed in August, 2011
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Construction has begun on a solar farm which has been delayed for months and will power hundreds of homes in Bourne when completed.

Lark Energy, based in Falcon Way, has begun preparing the site for a 5.6MWp solar farm at Limes Farm in Spalding Road near Bourne.

When completed the solar farm will produce enough electricity to power around 1,400 homes.

Work has begun ahead of full scale installation of 20,000 solar panels in the new year.

Lark Energy installed a small section of the solar farm in August, 2011 having gone through the process of a public consultation earlier in the year and gaining planning permission from South Kesteven District Council in April 2011.

However the project stalled due to uncertainty surrounding the Government’s feed-in tariffs, which changed in May 2011.

However Lark Energy says the Government’s renewable obligation certificate scheme has helped make it viable. The scheme obliges power companies to buy a certain amount of electricity from renewable energy sources.

Lark Energy project manager Thomas Kelly said: “There has been a lot of ups and downs since the intial plans were made.

“It has been a long road and we have had to deal with a lot but we are relieved to get started.

“It is not uncommon for renewable energy projects to struggle to get off the ground.

Mr Kelly said the details of the project were largely unchanged although newer, more efficient panels than originally planned would be installed.

Electricity produced will be fed into the National Grid however Mr Kelly said 99 per cent of the time the power would be directed to Bourne.

Construction is due to take three months.