Did Royal Family order inflatable banana boats?

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STAFF at an extreme sports equipment company were shocked to learn that an order for a pair of banana boats could have come from the Royal Family.

A telephone order to 158 Performance, based in Main Road, Tallington, for two of the inflatables seemed ordinary at the time, but staff later found out it had been made through a company by royal appointment.

Director Matt Bullock said speculation about the identity of the buyer had been rife since the order came through.

He said: “A call came in out of the blue, from a gentleman wanting to purchase a couple of banana boats – one for adults and one for kids.”

“At the time, we had no idea who wanted to make use of the water toys; it was only after closing the deal that we heard they were for holiday-making royals.

“We still don’t know which ones, but we like the idea of Edward and Sophie splashing about with the children on 158 Performance inflatables.”

Mr Bullock said 158 was not able to name the buying company, but said the firm was based in Lincolnshire.