‘Disappointed’ by decision to move Easton-on-the-Hill sorting office

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A rural sorting and delivery office is to close.

Royal Mail’s operations at Easton-on-the-Hill post office will be transferred to the Orton Southgate delivery office in Peterborough from April 20.

The post office will remain open but the Royal Mail workers, who live locally, will be based in Peterborough rather than Easton-on-the-Hill.

Villagers successfully campaigned against moving the sorting office in early 2012.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “There should be no customer impact as a result of this move and the two postmen who work from Easton-on-the-Hill will continue serving the local community.

“Royal Mail is transferring its service to provide better facilities for our staff.”

Customers will still be able to pick up parcels from the Easton-on-the-Hill post office. The change simply means the parcels will initially be sorted in Peterborough.

Easton-on-the-Hill postmaster Bant Dhillon said: “Royal Mail have said that by moving the sorting office to Peterborough it will make some efficiency savings.

“But it will definitely have an impact on the local community.

“In the case of the staff working here, at the moment it’s like working from home. They will now have to travel to and from Peterborough.

“It’s very disappointing.”
Mrs Dhillon was keen to make clear that the post office itself will remain open. She said: “The post office is not moving. I would like to reassure people that we are staying here.”

Royal Mail has invited people with any queries on the move to call 0845 601 1399.