Group ‘will keep working for town’

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STAMFORD Town Partnership will continue despite losing a major source of funding.

The partnership, which brings different groups together to improve the town, has lost funding from South Kesteven District Council as it reduces its costs.

The group has helped to organise and fund a host of events and projects in the town including the Christmas Festival along with working on plans to makeover the east end of the High Street.

The district council had provided the partnership with £10,947 in the last financial year but there is nothing allocated for the forthcoming year. The partnership also receives money from other sources.

Co-chairman Philip Sagar said: “This is quite understandable and the town partnership board has no issue with this.

“We will, however, be reviewing the way forward for the partnership as there seems to be the desire from the partners, Stamford Town Council, South Kesteven District Council, Lincolnshire County Council, Stamford Chamber of Trade and Commerce and others for the partnership to continue as a facillitator of funding bids and major events and projects.”

The partnership had employed Ali Hawley-Smith as its co-ordinator from September 2009 until the end of January this year. Her contract was not renewed due to the funding problems but she has been commissioned to act as project manager and write applications for grants for forthcoming events.

The partnership has also put together a review of its projects over 2009 and 2010.

The Christmas festival was one of the highlights with the town centre partnership securing more than £9,000 in grants to stage the event, which brought thousands of people to the town.

The partnership’s marketing and tourism group produced a promotional film for Stamford, received £5,000 for the film and contributed to the Discover Stamford brochure and worked with Stamford Chamber of Trade and Commerce to put on the Festival of History. It underwrote the £9,900 shortfall after a Lottery bid was rejected.

The urban group has worked on garden projects around the town including a derelict space in Wharf Road. It also raised sponsorship to aid the Rivercare Trust in cleaning the River Welland and provided benches in Empingham Road and Recreation Ground Road.

The partnership undertook a user survey to find out what shoppers liked about Stamford, applied for a licence to use Red Lion Square and Sheep Market for events.

It also funded the repair of the notice board outside St John’s Church.

Through information supplied we incorrectly stated in last week’s article on the makeover project in High Street that Lincolnshire County Council had contributed £5,000. It was in fact granted by South Kesteven District Council.