Hambleton Bakery wins ITV show Britain’s Best Bakery

Julian Carter and Scott Kenny, from Hambleton Bakery, taking part in the ITV programme Britain's Best Bakery
Julian Carter and Scott Kenny, from Hambleton Bakery, taking part in the ITV programme Britain's Best Bakery
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A bakery has been crowned the best in Britain in a national TV contest.

Hambleton Bakery, which is based in Exton and has shops in Stamford and Oakham, was victorious in the final of ITV show Britain’s Best Bakery, which screened at 4pm today (Friday).

After coming through the Midlands regional heat, the final week of challenges saw bakers Julian Carter and Scott Kenny up against tough competition from five other bakeries, including The Broughton Village Bakery, Cumbria and The Dunbar Community Bakery, Scotland.

In the final programme, Julian and Scott produced a wedding cake in a day based on the preferences of a soon to be bride and groom who wanted something very different.

The final cake was inspired by the Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ celebration and The Tarot Card Garden in Tuscany, Italy. The team worked hard to create a stunning cake with intricate motifs and figures dispersed across the three different layers.

The bride and groom loved their cake and it clearly won the approval of judges Mich Turner and Peter Sidwell too as Hambleton Bakery was confirmed the winner at the end of the show.

Julian said: “Used to working on our own in the woods, it was great to get away, meet other bakers and be inspired by them and their products.

“Time away from the daily routine allowed us to dream up new creations and ideas and also showed just what a great team we have at Hambleton Bakery.

“I am really thankful to the bakers and cake makers that kept everything running smoothly in our absence. The whole experience has been fun if not exhausting at times.

To win the title against such great competitors made all the hard work of the competition very worthwhile.”

Bakery owner Tim Hart added: “I am very proud of Julian and Scott who performed so well in the competition and of the rest of our team who kept the bakery going whilst they were away filming.”

The final week also saw Julian and Scott making a novel Battenberg cake for the WI, selling ploughman’s parcels and sticky buns at Newmarket Races and producing and selling a range of bread at London’s Leadenhall Market.

In yesterday’s show (Thursday) they created a product representing the region’s best ingredients and for this the team developed the Rutland Pippin, a crusty dough filled with ham hock, sausagemeat, Colston Bassett Stilton and a handmade Bramley apple puree.