Ideas to replace discount store

The former Poundland shop in High Street, Stamford. Photo: MSMP290914-001am EMN-140929-132155001
The former Poundland shop in High Street, Stamford. Photo: MSMP290914-001am EMN-140929-132155001
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Scores of readers have shared their ideas for what should replace a discount retailer that closed after just a year.

Poundland in High Street, Stamford, shut its doors earlier this week.

The shop opened in October last year after taking the unit formerly occupied by Burton and Dorothy Perkins.

A spokesman for Poundland confirmed the store had closed but refused to say why.

Stamford Chamber of Trade chairman Richard Olsen said the closure of Poundland presented a great opportunity for the landlord to combine several businesses under one roof.

We also asked readers what they would like to see replace the shop on our Facebook page. More than 200 comments were posted, with a range of replies from clothing stores to restaurants.

Alex Gaywood said: “I’m very sad it’s gone, it was great to have it in Stamford. A 
family clothes shop with reasonable prices please.”

Liz Putterill wrote: “A Next we need a NEXT please. As with everyone else, no need for a coffee shop, charity shop, phone or estate agents.

“We have good range of posh shops, Next fills a gap that needs to be filled in town.”

Lee Daffern said: “On a more sensible note... what would be really nice is somewhere guys can actually buy decent clothes at a reasonable price.

“We’ve got plenty of women’s clothing stores and places that sell T-shirts for £50-plus, and you’re fine if you need a shirt for work and you’re quite happy to pay £120 for it, but...seriously?”

Jan Dedynski said: “I do agree that we don’t need any more coffee, charity or phone shops. To tell the truth it would be to have a shop like George (Asda) or Peacocks, as a lot of us have children and we have to travel to Peterborough to buy items that don’t cost the earth.”

David Popple suggested Next, Wagamama or a Jamie Oliver Restaurant.

Jo Carr said: “I like the idea of an indoor market for small local companies sounds good. A real mix in a relaxed environment. Crafts, foods, clothing.”

Elaine Edgson was strongly against a coffee shop, adding: “A Next would be ideal. We are short of reasonably priced clothing for men, women and especially kids.”