Inventor Colin puts skills to the test on Sky 1’s Gadget Geeks series

Stamford daredevil Colin Furze has raced his mobility scooter against a plane
Stamford daredevil Colin Furze has raced his mobility scooter against a plane
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AN INVENTOR is enjoying a starring role on a new TV series.

Colin Furze, 32, of Lonsdale Road, Stamford, is one of six presenters on Sky 1’s new Gadget Geeks series.

Colin’s weird and wonderful inventions have been featured in the Mercury a number of times before, and he is perhaps most famous for his Guinness World Record-holding 71mph mobility scooter.

He was demonstrating the scooter on BBC Three programme Russell Howard’s Good News when he was spotted by a Sky talent scout and was soon interviewing for Gadget Geeks.

Colin got the part and quit his job as a plumber to become a full-time TV presenter. He said: “It’s different, it’s bizarre. I always said if I ever go back to plumbing it’s going to be weird putting in a bath and not doing something special like having it fire water at you. Everything I used to do in my spare time I get paid for now.”

Colin is joined on Gadet Geeks by two other inventors and three experts.

The experts review the latest gadgets from around the world, while the inventors set about making their own.

So far Colin has helped make a remote-control jet ski for waterskiers who don’t own a boat and a fast food cannon.

In the next episode, to air on Sky 1 on Monday at 8pm, he will try to invent a chip fat-powered restaurant for a chip van-man and help a comedian perform a gig from hundreds of miles away using the latest in virtual technology.

Colin is delighted with his new role and is hopeful a second series will be commissioned. He said: “The programme is rating really well and the channel is happy with it. Who knows where it will lead.”

Colin also uploads his latest inventions and daredevil stunts onto Youtube, at, where his popularity is growing. A video of the record-breaking mobility scooter in the snow has notched up almost 300,000 views since Sunday.

Gadget Geeks airs every Monday on Sky 1 at 8pm. It is repeated on Sky 1 at 7pm on Saturdays and 3pm on Sundays, and on Sky 2 at 2pm on Sundays.