New hedge marks parish boundary

Annabelle Wright, 16, and Malcolm Kayes, 16
Annabelle Wright, 16, and Malcolm Kayes, 16
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A PARISH boundary has been re-established on a farm between two villages.

The parish boundary between Lyddington and Caldecott was swept away by floods on Andrew Brown’s farm about 70 years ago.

On Saturday, a team of pupils from Oakham School helped Mr Brown to replant the hedgerow.

He said: “Environmental schemes are very keen to re-establish ancient boundaries.

“We’ve planted in total about 7,000 hedgerow plants such as hawthorn, blackthorn and hazel, stretching more than one kilometre.”

Mr Brown says the hedgerow will take about 10 years to establish itself, but will be vital for wildlife, insects and bats

He added: “I’m very pleased with the work we have done.

“It got young people out on the farm and I talked to them about farming and food production.”

The hedgerow connects to the already established boundary on neighbouring farms which were not washed away in the flood.