Peterborough City Council approves Augean’s plan to dispose waste at Thornhaugh landfill site until 2028

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A waste firm has been granted permission to use a landfill site for another 15 years.

Augean was due to stop disposing a range of commercial and industrial wastes at its landfill site in Thornhaugh in December next year.

The firm had applied to extend the length of use of the site until December 2028.

And on Tuesday Peterborough City Council’s planning and environmental protection committee approved the extension.

Augean group technical director, Dr Gene Wilson, said: “We are very pleased that committee members supported this application.

“There is a clear regional and local need for the extension to the time of the waste management operations at the Thornhaugh landfill site which has been recognised by the committee.”

The site will be progressively landscaped as it is filled, and will be turned into a conservation area by December 2029.

The site has been used for landfill since the 1970s. Augean took ownership in 2004.