Stamford Town Council wants tourism views

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BUSINESSES have been asked to help a council with its tourism strategy.

Stamford Town Council is sending surveys to shops, hotels, restaurants and guesthouses to get feedback on how customers see Stamford.

The council’s strategic development committee formed a working party to look at the issue after cut its funding for tourism.

Coun Maureen Jalili said: “We are asking where customers come from, what brings them into Stamford and what they think of the facilities.

“These are the people that face tourists all the time so they are the ones we need to get feedback from.

“We have to rely on them to give us an idea of what is right and wrong in order to attract visitors.”

The council wants to find out what attracts people who come for the afternoon, and what brings in people who stay for a week or longer.

Coun Jalili said it was important to get the views of local businesses in order to form the proper strategy.

She added: “We need feedback in order for us to make the right conclusion on how we can influence tourism.

“We want to work more closely with the authorities as well.”

The council is also working with tourism groups in Rutland and Peterborough for extra advice.

The survey is one page long and business owners will have 10 days to complete it and send it back. It will also be available online.