Tallington Parish Council bids to boost broadband

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A village could benefit from better broadband speeds after parish councillors were invited to bid for Government funding.

Tallington residents and businesses seemed set to miss out on the Government’s multi-million network improvement scheme Broadband Delivery UK.

The village does not have its own exchange cabinet and the nearest one is across county borders in Barnack, so an upgrade would not boost speeds by much.

But parish councillors did not want to be left behind and applied for a slice of the Rural Community Broadband Fund, set up by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

The bid was successful and the parish council has now been invited to submit a full application and business plan to deliver superfast broadband to the village.

Coun Tom Klimes said: “The next stage is to look for someone to take the bid on. It has to be done with a company and has to be in line with Government tender rules.

“Broadband in Tallington at the moment is about 1.2Mbps, which is quite a lot lower than even the Government’s lowest recommendation.

“We did a door-to-door survey and people were very keen to get an improvement.

“People can’t use things like BBC iPlayer or BT Vision to watch television. Their choices are either Freeview or Sky.

“Businesses are also struggling. I know one business which is paying a lot of money every month towards broadband just to keep 

“It does most of its business online and needs the higher speeds.”

The parish council will discuss the bid at a meeting at 7.30pm on Tuesday.

Tallington residents were also encouraged to sign up to Lincolnshire County Council’s OnLincolnshire survey.

The Mercury backed the scheme, which aims to show the need for better broadband in the county.

A total of 55 per cent of residents responded to the survey, which has now ended. This was the fourth highest percentage in the county.