Traders annoyed over battle to tackle mess left by yobs

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TRADERS are fed-up of clearing rubbish, vomit and even blood left by yobs.

Shopkeepers along Stamford’s lanes are calling for better security for their premises and the area to be cleaned of the debris left by revellers.

Helen Fox has been called out twice in five months after yobs broke the windows of her store Mummy and Me, in Wellington Way.

She also says that people use the passage as a toilet and she is sick of the litter and dog mess left around the site. There is also blood left on her window.

Mrs Fox feels that South Kesteven District Council should offer grants to traders to improve security. Last week the district council announced it would offer grants to help traders revamp their short fronts.

She said: “We need people to come down the lanes but at the minute they are dodging vomit and dog mess. It doesn’t encourage people.”

Abigail Yardley, who runs Abi Golightly in Silver Lane, regularly has to clear litter from the steps which lead to her shop.

She said: “Every week there is rubbish and cigarette buts on the steps. Often there is food and I have to clear it up.”

Rubbish is also a problem for Beans cafe owner Phil Gilbert.

He said that the waitresses who open up the cafe on Saturday and Sunday mornings are regularly having to clear cans and cigarette butts from their courtyard.

Mr Gilbert would like to see a street cleaner employed to look after the lanes early in the mornings.

He said: “The girls who open up the shop want to work in a cafe. They don’t want to clean up dog ends and smashed up glass.”

Stamford Model and Toys shop in Maiden Lane has suffered from spray paint graffiti.

A council spokesman said: “We had not had any reports of anti-social behaviour of this nature previously in this area. Our community safety team can now, with partners, look more closely at the area around High Street, Stamford.” Letters – page 13