Updated: Water supply has been restored to Bourne

Water flows along Manning Road in Bourne after the pipe burst
Water flows along Manning Road in Bourne after the pipe burst
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WATER has been restored to homes and businesses in Bourne.

Anglian Water says 7,000 customers in Bourne and Morton were left without water after an 18in pipe burst close to its treatment works in Manning Road at 5.30am.

The company has re-routed the water supply to homes and businesses in the area by bypassing the pipe.

Anglian Water has warned that the water may be a milky colour for a short period due to air in the pipe but this will settle if allowed to stand and is not harmful.

The Robert Manning School, Bourne Grammar School, Bourne Abbey Academy Primary, Bourne Westfield, The Willoughby School and Morton Primary School are all closed.

Headteacher of The Willougby School Adam Booker said that parents and bus companies had been informed of the closure this morning but some still had to be turned away at the gates.

Staff have remained at the school this morning.

Mr Booker said: “It is frustrating at the start of a busy week. It has disturbed things and you can’t get into the meat of the week without a busy Monday.

“Everyone is ok. We have a water tank which are just about getting to the end of.”

Headteacher of The Robert Manning College Laurence Reilly said that the school had no choice but to close but Year 11 students will be able to take their physics modular exam this afternoon.

He said: “This was very disappointing, given the fact that we had managed to stay open throughout the severe weather in December.”