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Stamford pavements branded 'dangerous' and 'disgraceful'

Stamford’s pavements have been branded ‘dangerous’ and ‘disgraceful’.

Andy Moore, chairman of Stamford Urban Group, told town councillors this week how he and the Stamford Civic Society had campaigned on the issue for years.

They produced a report on the matter in 2009 and another in November last year. Now they want to add their support to the town councillors’ call for action from Lincolnshire County Council’s highways department.

A cracked pavement in Braod Street, reported by the Urban Group earlier this year (15882060)
A cracked pavement in Braod Street, reported by the Urban Group earlier this year (15882060)

Mr Moore said Stamford needed to come together and campaign for improvements.

Members agreed and demanded the county council draws up a work plan for Stamford and does all the work as a single project.

They also demanded Coun Richard Davies, the county’s executive member for highways, turn up to the next town council meeting.

Mr Moore named the streets in the worst state of repair, including the top of High Street, Crown Street, Broad Street and St Paul’s Street.

He called it ‘staggering’ that pavements have been left to get worse and while people report faults to the county council “nothing seems to happen”.

“It’s a firefighting exercise,” he added. “They wait until it gets so bad before they send someone out.”

Coun David Taylor said the county was aware of problems but the town council had to acknowledge the county had limited funding.

According to Coun Harrish Bisnauthsing, the pavements were dangerous as people had fallen and suffered injuries.

Lincolnshire County Council's local highways manager told the Mercury after the meeting: "We regularly carry out pavement repairs within Stamford.

"We only have a limited budget, so it's not possible for all paving to be keep in a perfect state at all times, but we do address any safety issues that we become aware of.

"Although we carry out routine inspections to identify where repairs are needed, we appreciate it if people report any defects they encounter via our online system at www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/faultreporting "

The problems with town pavements have been a regular complaint of Stamford Town Council.

The Urban Group has also complained over the years.

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