Call to clear up litter left by Stamford Skatepark users

Rubbish left on Stamford Skatepark. Photo: Marion Yates EMN-140730-140922001
Rubbish left on Stamford Skatepark. Photo: Marion Yates EMN-140730-140922001
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Skatepark users have been asked to work together to keep their park clean amid complaints about mess and litter.

Marion Yeates, a regular visitor to Stamford, contacted the Mercury on Facebook after seeing the state of the skatepark on the Recreation Ground.

She responded to a letter from John Judge, of Brooke Avenue, which praised the behaviour of park users.

Ms Yates said: “For his benefit, I am attaching a photograph (right) of the appalling state of the area which, when I made a return visit to my home town last month, was littered with rubbish - empty cans, plastic bottles and fast-food debris.

“All this when there was a rubbish bin just feet away. Mr Judge refers to this as an activity of joy - hardly joyful for the poor park attendant who has to clean up afterwards.”

Ms Yates said the state of the skatepark when she visited was “a testament to those who use it”.

The skatepark is managed by Stamford Town Council, which owns the Rec, but was paid for through the fundraising efforts of the Stamford Skatepark Committee. Chairman of the group Marc Stanier said only a few users did not use the bins provided.

He added: “I would definitely like people to use the bins that are provided. There are bins at each gate and we are looking to get a couple more inside the fence.”

Mr Stanier said he did not think the skatepark collected more rubbish than the rest of the Rec.

“From my own personal standards, yes I do think it’s a problem. But compared to the rest of the town, including the Rec and the Meadows, it’s nothing over and above.

“I think what exacerbates it is because it’s fenced in. It’s certainly not ideal.”

The skatepark does have an attendant. But Mr Stanier said it would be better if users could encourage each other to clean up.

He said: “We probably have more than 100 users during the day. Clearly not everyone is leaving rubbish or it would be a total dump. I like the idea that people should speak up and it would police itself, but that is easier said than done.”