Call to support first town feast

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TRADERS are being called on to help raise £23,000 to put on a new food festival.

Ali Hawley-Smith is planning to celebrate food from Stamford and beyond in the first Stamford Feast on Sunday, May 29.

Project manager Ali is organising a wealth of fun on The Meadows including food and wine tasting, cookery demonstrations and entertainment.

So far Ali has pledges of about £6,000 and will also be applying for grants but needs the support of businesses in the town.

Ali organised the town’s Christmas festivities with Stamford Town Partnership. She was employed by the partnership as a town centre manager but is now self-employed after the funding for this post was cut. She is working with the partnership to put on this event.

She said: “To date a food festival has not been held in Stamford’s town centre and yet it is full of wonderful restaurants and bistros run by local talented people who will be offering you a fun filled and educational event, bringing all nationalities and cultural groups together, demonstrating food through the ages, up to modern day.

“In every culture, food or eating together is how individuals, families and communities honour each other, it is what we do when we come together. This event is a way of bringing together every cultural and community group no matter how large or small in Stamford.

“This is a community event which will bring in businesses for the local economy.”

The event will celebrate food from around the world along with a special emphasis on locally grown food.

Attractions planned include food grown by farmers and allotment groups, healthy living demonstrations, cooking demonstrations, school cookery competitions along with food and wine tasting.

Music from around the world, including jazz, salsa, cuban and steel bands are planned along with exercise demonstrations such as zumba and belly dancing.

Ali said: “This is without doubt a most exciting event and an opportunity for the community of Stamford to come together in work and play and for its economy to benefit from the expected 15,000 footfall it will bring to the town.”

The £23,000 will go towards the costs of entertainment, advertising and marketing, insurance, health and safety, co-ordination and administration costs.

For more information contact Ali Hawley-Smith on 07791 334221 or at