Campaign to curb ‘persistant’ Oakham cold callers

Jenny Smith and John Kennedy, who are campaigning for a 'no cold calling zone' in Oakham. EMN-140627-154241001
Jenny Smith and John Kennedy, who are campaigning for a 'no cold calling zone' in Oakham. EMN-140627-154241001
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A resident is looking for support in his bid to tackle the problem of “persistent” cold callers.

John Kennedy says he has had enough of persistent salespeople knocking on his door in Oakham and trying to make a sale, and that the issue is causing distress for elderly and vulnerable residents in the area.

His campaign already has the backing of the police, Rutland County Council and several residents, but he wants more people to come forward in his bid to create a ‘no cold calling zone’ to stop the unwanted door knockers.

John, 57, who lives in Braunston Road and gets on average two salesmen knocking per week, said: “We get a number of cold callers each week and they totally ignore the signs in windows and really push you for a sale.

“It’s really quite upsetting for the elderly around here.

“They tell people they need work doing to their property when it is absolutely fine. Residents don’t want people knocking at their door, telling them their roof needs fixing when there is nothing wrong with it.

“Concerned pensioners get quite scared about it.

“With the support of the public, I want to make the area a no cold calling zone.”

The area concerned includes Braunston Road, Churchill Road and Alexandra Close.

If he gains enough support, Peterborough City Council Trading Standards said it will look to prohibit cold calling.

One resident who is backing John’s campaigning is Jenny Smith, 68, who lives in Churchill Road.

She said: “I would definitely welcome the zone.

“We’ve got a sticker in the window but they all ignore it totally.

“You tell them you’re busy and that you’re not interested but they just keep on and don’t go away. They can be forceful and intimidating.

“There seems to be spates of it but there can be more than four calls a week.”

A 76-year-old resident, who lives in Braunston Road, and did not want to be named said: “They just won’t take no for an answer. It’s a real nuisance.”

John has been canvassing along streets in the area, and has written to county councillors and the police.

Oakham PC Joe Lloyd says he is fully behind John’s wishes and will ask people to move along if he can see they are being a nuisance.

He said: “I’m supporting the call for a no cold calling zone.

“We often have concerns about cold callers and people are worried. If we can see someone has an issue we can intervene and ask them to produce the licences they need and take action if they don’t have them. If trading standards back the initiative it could work well and take off.”

To tell John about your problems with cold callers and to support his campaign, e-mail him at