Campaign to End Child Poverty figures put Stamford ward slightly above national average

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More than 20 per cent of children in Stamford’s All Saints ward are living in poverty, according to a national survey.

The Campaign to End Child Poverty published figures today (Wednesday) to show how many children across the UK are living below the poverty line.

In South Kesteven the Stamford All Saints ward, between Casterton Road and Green Lane, had the highest number of youngsters living in poverty at 23 per cent.

The next highest percentages were also in Stamford wards - St George’s at 14 and St Mary’s at 12.

According to the report, one in five children nationally are in poverty. The Government says if a household’s income is less than 60 per cent of the UK median average it is below the poverty line.

Stamford All Saints was the only ward in the region to be above the national average for child poverty.

Stamford town and South Kesteven district councillor Sue Sandall (Independent) represents the All Saints ward.

She said: “Although our figure is low compared to some of the places listed I still feel disappointed that it is higher than other wards.

“I think this is possibly because of the way the housing has been allocated by the district council and many of the people with young families live in this area.

“I still feel that the Government past and present have a lot to answer for and they should be doing more to get the economy growing and people back to work.”

Chairman of the campaign Enver Solomon said: “Local authorities are having to deal with reduced budgets but they have critical decisions to make.

“We’re calling on authorities to prioritise low income families in the decisions they make about local welfare spending, including spending on the new council tax benefit, and on protecting families hit by the bedroom tax.

“This week we have written to local authority leaders in the local authorities with the most child poverty, asking them what they will do to tackle child poverty in their local area.”

The full figures for the percentage of children living in poverty by ward are as follows:

South Kesteven

All Saints - 23

Bourne East - 9

Bourne West - 7

Deeping St James - below 5

Market and West Deeping - 9

Stamford St George’s - 14

Stamford St Mary’s - 12

Stamford St John’s - below 5

Thurlby - 5

Truesdale - below 5


Braunston and Belton - below 5

Cottesmore - below 5

Exton - 5

Greetham - below 5

Ketton - below 5

Langham - 10

Lyddington - below 5

Martinsthorpe - 6

Normanton - below 5

Oakham North East - 5

Oakham North West - 10

Oakham South East - 5

Oakham South West - 8

Ryhall and Casterton - 5

Uppingham - 9

Whissendine - 8

East Northamptonshire

Fineshade - 8

King’s Forest - Below 5

Oundle - below 5

Prebendal - 6


Barnack - 6

Glinton and Wittering - 7

Northborough - 7